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AICN has your first look at the sweet poster for The Spierig Bros' UNDEAD follow-up, DAYBREAKERS!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. The Spierig siblings, Michael and Peter, made an impressive debut with their homegrown Aussie tale of zombie carnage called UNDEAD. I myself enjoyed the movie, although not to such a huge degree as Master Knowles. It's obvious from that film that the Spierigs know iconography, they love horror and can make a fun as fuck movie. Their newest film has been on the horizon forever it seems. It sounds like a more serious endeavor for the boys (at least on paper), a futuristic vampire tale starring Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill. It's about a plague that turns the vast majority of the Earth's population into vampires. The remaining humans have to be rounded up and farmed as the supply of fresh blood grows smaller and smaller and the demand grows larger and larger. The vampires must figure out a way to replicate the blood or save the human race or they, too, will die out. Pretty sweet concept and I can't WAIT to see what Sam Neill's doing in this flick! Anyway, we've been given the premiere of the one-sheet for the flick and it's pretty slick. It's a little 28 DAYS LATER, but much, much better than a typical photoshop floating-head deal. The flick is scheduled for release domestically by Lionsgate in January 2010. Here's the poster! Click for the higher-res image!

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