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New G.I. JOE Trailer hits... I really can't wait to see this! They apparently have Megaforce flying motorcycles!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - over on YouTube - they have the latest GI JOE trailer up and frankly... I'm dying to see this trailer in the greater glory of Glorious Quicktime - but there's flying motorcycles and crazy cool vehicles galore. Yes, none of this looks particularly real - but with the exception of specific costumes - it kinda looks an awful lot like GI JOE. I just want Cobra uniforms - and the cool ol Village People unique look of the JOES themselves. That said - I have a correspondence with a director. One we all collectively worship who told me that the film is made for the boy in us. And I can't share that director's name, but I can say he wants all the vehicles in this movie. And that's as much of a clue as I'll give ya. I'm now much more excited about this than TRANSFORMERS 2 - as the word on that is pretty awful at this stage.

Here's the YOUTUBE link

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