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Spectacular 2012 Trailer Reminds Us That No One Busts Up The Planet Better Than Roland Emmerich!

Beaks here...

Having enjoyed this just-released trailer three times now, I have to ask: why the fuck isn't 2012 coming out, like, this weekend? Because this is the kind of money shot-laden, brain-dead fun this summer's been missing up until now. We know by now that a Roland Emmerich movie never lives up to the glorious, calamitous promise of its trailer, but when I read (and reviewed!) the script a year ago, I felt it had an excellent chance to out-stupid THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Granted, there was nothing as singularly moronic as people outrunning cold air, but it did move at a brisker pace than any film in Emmerich's oeuvre. Watching this trailer, I can't help but think Emmerich might've perfected his formula. Feel free to look down your nose at this empty spectacle for now. I'll see you there opening day. Stinking drunk.

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