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UPDATED!! As Casting Continues, So Do The Rewrites?? RED DAWN Has A Promising New Writer...

Merrick again... Interestingly, seems Carl Ellsworth - one of the RED DAWN remake's original writers - was subsequently brought on reshape Gilroy's rewrite (Gilroy only worked on the project for a few weeks). So, Gilroy reworked Ellsworth's script...and Ellsworth reworked Gilroy's reworking. Gotta love Hollywood...

Merrick here...
The folks over at Latino Review say that Tony Gilroy (the BOURNE films, MICHAEL CLAYTON, PROOF OF LIFE) has been brought into rejigger RED DAWN's screenplay & has already delivered a draft. More details can be found HERE. Casting on the Dan Bradley directed film is well underway - some details of which can be found in YESTERDAY'S REPORT.

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