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U.S. Theatrical Trailer For Park Chan-wook's THIRST Premieres!!!

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Our News Corp-owned buddies at IGN have just debuted the U.S. theatrical trailer for Park Chan-wook's latest, THIRST! And while I can't say I'm itching to see another vampire movie right now, I'll gladly lap up whatever Park is dishing out - especially when he's got the great Song Kang-ho along for the ride (which leads me to once again wonder when the hell THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD is getting released). I'm encouraged that the below trailer actually uses subtitles (albeit, rather stylishly). Perhaps this is a sign that the studios believe non-art house audiences are ready to read dialogue. It's also nice that Focus is getting this out so soon (July 31st) after its Cannes debut; generally, we'd have to wait a full calendar year for the theatrical release of a foreign film (even if its chock-full of violence like THIRST appears to be). Again, I hope this is the start of a trend. I should note that this trailer is age-restricted, so some of you might have trouble viewing it. Sorry!

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