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PREDATORS director choice isn't near cut and dried!

Hey folks, Harry here in Las Vegas at CINEVEGAS. Was enjoying the hell out of the fest. Last night's festival party moved Yoko and I over to the 70,000 square feet of Tits & Ass called SAPPHIRE'S where we partied with Black Dynamite and others from 11pm till Yoko & I left at approximately 4:50am last night. Now that was a venue for a film festival party! When I got back to the room last night I was in no state to post on AICN, but after sleep and the morning rounds, I came back to the room to see that Merrick had picked up the BLOODY DISGUSTING rumor about Neil Marshall. Well, I'm in real close contact with Robert Rodriguez on this project and I can tell you with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that Neil Marshall is one of about 7 names that Robert is looking at and meeting with right now. Neil wants this gig badly, but then so do the other folks. I contacted Robert about this story and his update was that he's looking at various works by the guys in the running, and he'll be seeing Neil's CENTURION very soon (lucky bastard) - but at this point - Neil and the other candidates are collectively holding their breaths to see who comes out the other end. Robert doesn't want the LIST of names out there at this point, but like so many rumors hitting the net at this juncture - it seems a lot of folks that hear something and leap to report before there is really anything solid. Neil's CLOSE TALKS are the same as all the others. He has met with Robert. Robert did like him. Robert is looking forward to seeing CENTURION. But he has similar feelings about the other candidates. Let's all just be patient and see how it pans out.

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