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Re: Arnold Schwarzeneggar and PREDATORS... the truth, not insane fanboy bullsh... well, you know!

Hey folks, Harry here... Fandom is a crazy crazy place for endless gossip. Today, I've been hit with alleged stories about Jack Black playing Harry Mudd in the next Star Trek film and then from AB King and his like minded ARNIE lovers - emails with the subject line: ARNOLD HAS SAID YES TO RODRIGUEZ! Well. If Robert bagged Arnie for PREDATORS - he'd call me up and geek out about it, because that's the exact sort of shit we can't resist telling one another about. And we get really excited. So I sent Robert an email basically telling him that I was hearing from many unreliable sources that Arnie had agreed to do something in PREDATORS - and then I asked simply: True or BS? Here's what he responded with:

Online news is amazing, much more exciting than real life! There are so many sites saying that I'm actively pursuing Arnold! Feels like all i have to do is sit here, and let the websites do the work! Actually, what probably happened is someone conjured that up because of my 1994 draft, that had Dutch as a main character. And then it probably just built from there. But no, we're still writing a new script, and although I know Arnold personally and he's the coolest person on the planet, I have not contacted him about this at all at this time. As promised, I'll keep you posted on such developments since Predator is such a fan favorite. But then again, he could very well have told someone he'd be into it. Who knows? Personally, I haven't heard anything. But it's still early in the day. -R

And that folks is the truth. Casting isn't going to happen till a couple of other things happen first. Right now, Robert is meeting with a number of very cool candidates to take the directing reigns. They'll have to get a script they're really solid on. That will have to be approved by the folks at FOX (gulp), and then casting will get going. SO... AB - please shut the fuck up with the bullshit Arnie rumors. Wait for the guy to get out of office before going nuts, please!

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