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A Positively Aggravating Spy Pic of Josh Brolin as JONAH HEX! and 2 great ones!

Hey folks, Harry here... and ya know... I think I see how aliens always have bad photographs of their ships and stuff. Because when the amazing thing appears - the person witnessing it just doesn't have high grade equipment. Because it was just a casual thing. Below - we have a photo of Josh Brolin as JONAH HEX in an alley way in New Orleans for the film coming from the director of HORTON HEARS A WHO. I've confirmed the costume, but there's nothing that can be done about the washed out over-exposed face. Now - perhaps some geek with the FBI or CIA can do something amazing to bring out the washed out details. Putting our government's money to good use. OR - maybe... OBAMA? Are you a JONAH HEX fan? Put the CIA on this. We want to see Josh's messed up face and so do you! It would be that spirit of cooperation, that I've never felt from the Federal Government before. Here's the pic:

I'd post an image of the comic character's face - but frankly - if you don't know, you should seek that information out yourself. And you should read some of these amazing stories. Can't wait for a solid release pic on this! Very curious!

Our reader, Carter The Great sent in the following pics and this link for more! Looking damn good!

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