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G.I. JOE clip goes online...

Hey folks, Harry here... Buzz hasn't really been doing much with GI JOE. As far as I know - I don't know anyone that's seen the entire film, but there seems to be a great deal of concern about the end result. I think the big thing that has exasperated the situation is that GI JOE: RESOLUTE which is pretty much the animated equivalent of everything a GI JOE geek would want in the feature. I know for me personally, the big disappointment was the level of departure they took with the design elements which were so vibrant and striking - and made this particular incarnation of GI JOE latch into the minds of my generation. And as for those of you that just label it a TOY - what'd you want? Well, I wanted something as cool as the Marvel Comics GI JOE comics with these characters. And we may still get that, but other that a couple of shots of SNAKEEYES - I'm not seeing anything that screams, "GO JOE!" I'm assuming this clip leads to a melting Eiffel Tower that we glimpsed in the trailer. Apparently Baroness and Storm Shadow are members of the French Hating Former-Bush administration. Just kidding.

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