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AICN COMICS SHOOT THE MESSENGER: Exclusive Sneak Peek at Morrison & Quitely's BATMAN & ROBIN!!!

@@@@ Special Preview of Morrison and Quitely’s BATMAN & ROBIN #1!!! @@@@

”This is a title, made shite by Joel Schumacher! We’re takin’ it bah-ck!” - Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely (not a real quote, but it should be)

Hey folks, Ambush Bug with a very special preview for you guys. The folks at DC were kind enough to supply these exclusive first look pages of the first issue of one of the most anticipated comics of the summer: BATMAN & ROBIN #1 starring an all new Dynamic Duo picking up the pieces of the events leading to Batman’s death over the last year. And the chaps bringing this new series to you? You know them, you love them, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely! Check out this exclusive preview to BATMAN & REOBIN #1 below (don’t forget to click on the images to make them gi-normous and readable)!

Just enough to make you drool for more. Can’t wait until this hits the stands on Wednesday, June 3rd. There are not too many times you can say you were able to pick up a Batman #1 comic. Be sure to check out this new chapter in the Batman Saga this Wedndesday!

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