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See The Cool Making Of OUTLANDER Featurette That Isn't On U.S. DVDs!!

Merrick here...
...with a look at a featurette about the making of OUTLANDER, which hit DVD here in The States last week. Given that the film received embarrassingly limited (and remarkably unmotivated) distribution in the U.S., OUTLANDER's debut on video marks the first time American audiences en masse can get a look at this elusive gem of a film. What makes the material below super cool is that 1) it's about OUTLANDER, and 2) this "making of" does not appear on the American issue of the DVD. It will, however, be seen when the DVD/Blu-Ray of the film is released in the UK (in early September, if memory serves). So, through the embeds below, folks on our side of the pond are glimpsing material they may never see otherwise - and UK readers are getting a significantly early look at a feature that'll be on their upcoming DVDs and Blu-Rays. As mentioned above, the standard DVD of OUTLANDER was released in the U.S. last week. It should also be noted that (at present) there are no plans for a Blu-Ray release of the film here in the States. HOWEVER, OUTLANDER is rentable via XBOX Live, where it is offered in 720p. Unless you import the UK Blu-Ray in September, XBOX Live may be your best bet to see the film in HD. The standard DVD of OUTLANDER is also available for rent via all the usual suspects (including Netflix), and can be purchased HERE. On to the "Making of..." This featurette was assembled by OUTLANDER's editor, David Dodson, in two days...and for there would be some record of the film's creation for posterity (there wasn't enough money in the film's budget to accommodate EPKs, etc.) I'm told that, as director Howard McCain's on-screen interviews were being conducted, the set representing the film's elaborate Viking compound was in immediate danger of being flooded by a rising river. Talk about a poker face... If you haven't checked out this film yet, and if your heart pulses with any amount of Geeky blood whatsoever, see this movie. Moriarty/Drew pleaded for a broader theatrical release of the project a while back (HERE, I've done a few pieces on it myself HERE is one of them), and Harry was just Twittering about it last week. It's far from perfect and is sometimes betrayed by the limitations of its resources, but it's a smart, fun adventure by way of solid action, earnest performances - all hinged on pretty decent Science Fiction. Here are the embeds...ENJOY! I love the Ron Perlman interview on Part 3, and John Hurt's poultry moment on the same...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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