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First a Predator reboot and now... Alien?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. If I were an evil mastermind trying to frame a movie studio, make them look like the biggest fools with the most money-hungry, lowest common denominator lifeless franchise-killing products I couldn't do anything to top what Rothman and Co have been doing to Fox for the last half-dozen years. Bloody-Disgusting broke a rumor late last night that Fox was remaking Alien and they have since updated their story with info from another source that confirms that Fox is moving on an Alien movie, but it'll be more of a reboot/origins type story than a remake. Judging by Fox's recent decisions, I'm sure instead of seeing the Space Cowboy in a scary, atmospheric thriller somehow modern day teens will be Twittering from a luxury space shuttle trip that goes awry and ends up on the Alien home world. The PG-13 blood-less, non-atmospheric mayhem will be fast-cut, shakey and filled with CGI smears running around. Perhaps I'm not giving them enough credit and being a knee-jerk fanboy. That last part is certainly true, but it's an educated knee-jerk. Hell, this could all come to nothing, but considering B-D got the jump on the Rodriguez PREDATOR reboot at Fox I'd say they're pretty trustworthy. If B-D's source is as solid as I think he/she/it is, then commercial director Carl Rinsch looks to be directing with Ridley and Tony Scott producing. That's the only bit that gives me hope it can survive the Fox suits. /film has a great story listing a bunch of Rinsch's commercials. I've embedded a couple of my favorites below.

If I hear anything further (hint hint email me hint) I'll make sure to pass it along. What do you folks think? -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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