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Jinkies! The Latest on '77 (formerly 5-25-77)!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... A long time ago, I screened a movie called 5-25-77 at the Alamo Drafthouse. The film was still in rough shape - in terms of visual effects, sound, editing, etc. But director Patrick Read Johnson really really needed the help of the audience he was making the film for. Geeks. He'd been editing on the film for quite some time. And at that juncture it was very much two different movies. One, was a bit goofy. The other was seriously great. But at that point, Patrick wasn't confident in that "great" story - because frankly... it was his life, the drama of it, the memories. Was he just being self-absorbed? Well, yeah... but that's kind of the point of shooting an auto-biography cinematically. And the only great Auto-Biographies are those that have the courage to be honest. Patrick went back in on the film, took it to the Hamptons and came away with one of the top awards! He learned more from that screening - and that's where I lost touch with Patrick - till I got sent this link: STARLOG's story on '77 And it made me smile. Of course this story is at STARLOG, Patrick - like many of us, grew up with Starlog monthly. I used to get mine at a 7-11 3 blocks from my childhood home - and when Patrick and I chat - we often talk about old rumors and newsbits of abandoned legendary projects that existed and then didn't - that we read about and dreamt about due to the wonders of STARLOG! You should definitely check that story out! And you can bet, that until it is released - we'll continue to cover and keep you up to date with '77!

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