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BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER remake without Whedon or anything developed from the TV show... seriously...

Hey folks, Harry here and man do I have the scratchiest head scratcher that I've seen in a long goddamn time. I think just about all of us would be interested in a real theatrical launch of a feature version of the BUFFY character as was lovingly developed and handled by Joss Whedon. But that's not what they're gonna do. This new film is being developed with the original directing and producing team of the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER feature - which made all the impact of a shaving cream pie. It's being developed at Vertigo Entertainment, According to Borys Kit at The Hollywood Reporter which is run by the usually very astute Roy Lee and Doug Davison. Now - apparently they're not ruling out Whedon coming aboard, but apparently they're taking meetings with a number of writers and Whedon would have to audition like everyone else. It seems Roy Lee is the one that has taken control here. And like I said, he's usually someone that I would trust - it just feels weird to announce before approaching Whedon first. Sort of like when McG and crew announced SPACED before talking with the real SPACED team. I don't know if I would want to start slapping them every which way regarding continuity, etc... but without Whedon I know they'll instantly be met with a wall of fan hostility, that I doubt any other direction will calm. What do you folks think?

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