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It's been a while since we heard anything new on Alejandro Jodorowsky's KING SHOT, which would be the eighty-year-old surrealist master's first film since 1990's THE RAINBOW THIEF. To tell you the truth, I'd all but given up on this movie. I mean, who's going to finance a bug-fuck Jodorowski flick starring the random duo of Nick Nolte and Marilyn Manson in this economic climate? Angels. That's who. According to ScreenDaily, Laszlo Kantor of UJ Budapest FilmStudio is close to securing the $7.4 million required to get the "metaphysical spaghetti western" before cameras. And if that doesn't get you excited, consider this: he's now got the legendary Vilmos Zsigmond on board as a cinematographer. Also, the cast has expanded to include the non-normal likes of Asia Argento and Udo freakin' Kier! The ScreenDaily story claims there are an "array of partners" helping to get this film off the ground (including David Lynch), which is the kind of thing that always gives me pause. I don't think it's an overstatement to say that more films fall apart at this stage than are made in a year. But if it all comes together soon, we could possibly have new films from Jodorowsky and Malick in 2010! And that would be mighty fine indeed.

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