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George Miller set to oversee a new age of leather & asphalt & blood with a new ROAD WARRIOR?!?!

Hey folks, Harry here... With STAR TREK soaring, JAMES BOND booming and a certain DARK KNIGHT's heights - it seems almost an absolute certainty that we'd see a return of the Road Warrior. The real good news is that original director GEORGE MILLER is back. I even spoke with someone earlier this year that had seen the 100% Storyboarded Script - who basically described it as being genius. This is, of course, the legendary FURY ROAD that I'm referring. Earlier this year I was required to visit Los Angeles to record some comments and thoughts on the place of MAD MAX in the history of both Australian and World film history. And I mentioned the word that I'd heard this could be in the works. There have been a lot of whispers about MAD MAX hitting the road again. At this point, we don't know if this will be FURY ROAD or another story that George Miller has set in motion. Now - if this story is to be believed, apparently the new MAD MAX will be set underway later this year! Let's hope their sources are solid and that the road is easy for this project, as George Miller with digital tools and a fully amazing budget and story to shoot - well, that'd be amazing. So, who do you see at the next Max? Who do you NOT see?

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