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Captain Kirk's dead daddy is found worthy to wield Mjolnir in Branagh's THOR?!?

Hey folks, Harry here... - Over at Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily - she's claiming that Chris Hemsworth aka Captain Kirk's ungodly heroic dead daddy from JJ's STAR TREK - was apparently carried by Valkyries to Asgard where Odin claimed him as his son and handed him the role of The Mighty Thor! He beat out the physical manifestation of THOR in Alexander Skarsgard, who has had a very large and vocal fan community heralding him as the God of Thunder, but Chris seems to be grabbing a lot of parts - and we'll see how this all plays out. Now that MARVEL has their THOR, I expect casting to speed up and we'll hopefully be hearing how the rest of the cast comes to play. There's still a part of me that can't believe that one day I'll see a THOR film. I just hope to Odin that Asgard in some way resembles Kirby's inks brought to life. Here's hoping.

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