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A Review Of ABC’s Alien Nazi-Lizard Sci-Fi Remake Pilot V!!

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ABC is expected to take to series its remake of the 1983 miniseries about Nazi-ish lizard extraterrestrials who invade Earth. “M. Bison” says:
So I had the opportunity today to see the pilot episode of the reboot of V due to hit television this fall. I have to say it was pretty entertaining and I will definitely be giving it a look. The premise is still pretty much the same “Alien visitors show up claiming to be our friends, but have a hidden agenda that has grave consequences for mankind” and many of the characters will be familiar to you as well. The pilot stars Elizabeth Mitchell, Scott Wolf, Morena Baccarin, Alan Tudyk, Morris Chestnut and Joel Gretsch. Elizabeth Mitchell and Alan Tudyk play agents with the Department of Homeland Security who are investigating a terrorist sleeper cell operating out of New York . Morris Chestnut plays a businessman with a shady past that ties directly to the events leading up to the Visitors’ arrival. Joel Gertsch plays a priest struggling with his faith in the face of an alien appearance that shakes his core beliefs and is suddenly thrust into a conspiracy when a dying man in his church gives him info on the aliens. Morena Baccarin plays the enigmatic Anna, leader of the Visitors. Scott Wolf plays the journalist with high aspirations who sees the Visitor’s arrival as a way to further his career. He quickly befriends Anna and the two form a bond. Overall the show has a good production value. The special effects were not the best, but at the same time they did not detract from the show. It certainly feels like the original V complete with their arrival as the large saucer ships show up over all the major cities of the world. It kind of had the feel of really wanting to be serious which I think was done well. The Sci-Fi is kept to a minimum other than the Visitors’ tech and it firmly kept itself grounded in reality as much as a show with this kind of premise could. If the show can keep up the pace that the pilot set, it could be a very good show. It certainly has a JJ Abrams feel to it in the way it was shot. There is plenty of opportunity for sub-plots as well as all of the characters appear to have a certain depth written into them that is only very briefly touched upon in the pilot.
ABC announces its fall schedule Tuesday.
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