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Jason Patric to be an evil mastermind in THE LOSERS?

Hey folks, Harry here... A little bird flew into my Blackberry and whispered to me of a new and exciting development with the upcoming adaptation of Vertigo's LOSERS! Sylvain White is directing and thus far the announced cast has Jeffrey Dean Morgan as CLAY, Zoe Saldana as AISHA, Idris Elba as ROQUE and Columbus Short as POOCH... But anyone that is familiar with the comic - well, the curious part of it all is who would be right for the criminal mastermind that toys with the LOSERS - my source says it is JASON PATRIC - which is really good news - as Jason is as perfect as they come! I just hope that they don't do something stupid like kill him by the end of the first film - as is traditional with villains of long running series when adapted into a feature. The word I hear is that this will be announced around Tuesday of this week. But you heard it here first, I think. Harry out

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