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McG & Michael Ferris Discuss Original Endings For TERMINATOR SALVATION!! + 10 Clips From The Film!!

Merrick here...
io9 talked a bit to TERMINATOR SALVATION director McG & co-screenwriter Michael Ferris, who revealed some endings that were once considered for the project (but aren't actually the conclusions they're going with).
We had a jet-black ending. Connor dies, we're in a room with all the people we care about. You take Connor's likeness, you put it on the living machine of Marcus. He sits up, now looking like Christian Bale, takes a gun, kills Kate, kills Kyle, kills Star, kills everybody, eyes flare red, [snaps] the end. [EDIT] Ferris: There was an ending of intermediate darkness, in which ... the mechanical Marcus takes over as Connor and goes on to lead the resistance. It's essentially a secret to everybody, except the inner circle, that John Connor is now a robot, is now a Terminator.
...say McG and Ferris in THIS DISCUSSION with io9, which goes on to discuss more about these proposed finales & their eventual banishment. Also, IESB has posted ten new clips from the film. They originate HERE, or you can view them via the embeds below...

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