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First Photos from the set of CLASH OF THE TITANS in the Canary Islands!

Hey folks, Harry here... I don't know about you, but I've kinda had my fill for now of the traditional ancient warfare movies. There's only so many times you can see Armies of hundreds of thousands of computer controlled characters running into each other. And even if somehow it was the great battles of yore and they managed to employ 100,000 crazy fucks slicing each other up - I'm kinda glad to see Hollywood revisiting the mythological times of yore. With creatures, gods and beasts of all sorts. When the problem ceases to be man against man, man against nature or even man against technology - but instead becomes MAN AGAINST GODS. It's looking like the first one out of the gates of hell will be Louis Lettier's CLASH OF THE TITANS reboot, which seems to be very different from Harryhausen's - but I'm not sure if that's a bad thing. I love CLASH OF THE TITANS, but I read one draft of this script that was damn compelling and very different from Ray's. Not sure if that draft I read a year ago is close at all to what they're shooting in the Canary Islands at the moment, but I'm excited to see what Louis comes up with. I loved his INCREDIBLE HULK - and after we see this film - we'll be getting more mythology brought to life! These pics came from Las Horas where the project is known as De Furia De Titanes. The film is currently shooting and building sets in Tenerife, which you can find in the Spanish Canary Islands! Below are my two fave images from the mix you'll find at the above link!

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