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Hugh Jackman's gonna be a busy man... and will a WOLVERINE sequel happen... in Japan??

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. God knows I'm not the most observant person in the world, but is it just more is this story on Hugh Jackman at Variety holding a giant nugget of news? Sure, Wolverine made bank. We knew they were going to continue making X-films, but I wasn't aware that Fox was going to focus only on Wolvie and not develop further X-Men flicks. Those who saw X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE probably noticed the bit with Logan at a bar in Japan after the credits (I didn't get the Deadpool ending at my theater). I wrote that scene off as a nod to the movie they should have made, but that article I linked above seems to indicate that Jackman's Seed Productions is ramping up on the WOLVERINE sequel set in Japan. That said, no writer has been hired, so it could all just amount to nothing. That article also mentions a ton of films in development which Jackman can pick and choose from. One is called PERSONAL SECURITY, written by Matt Lieberman, about a tough detective who is forced to be the bodyguard of a spoiled teenage heiress. Another is called DRIVE, which is written by Hossein Amini (from a novel by James Sallis) that apparently has Jackman excited, comparing the tale of a race-car driver who moonlights as a getaway driver to a Steve McQueen type picture. There are also a musical on the docket, including CAROUSEL, which he's trying to get Anne Hathaway involved in (after their great number together at the Oscars I'd love to see the two of them together onscreen)... and a Broadway run in 2010 with HOUDINI, with music by Danny Elfman. That's a whole lot. Judging by that schedule, and if his Broadway run indeed happens in 2010 then it's unlikely we'll get a Wolverine sequel until 2011 at the earliest. Odds are some of those projects will fall through or happen without Jackman in the lead. I didn't much care for WOLVERINE, but there's ripe material there. They just have to make sure their script isn't so haphazard and the effects don't look 12 years too late on the next one... In fact, I've played some of the WOLVERINE video game on Xbox and it's shockingly good. It's buggy, has a lot of the flaws of the movie, but it's almost as if the game developers were embarrassed about the stuff they had to shoehorn into the tie-in and they reworked as much as they could. Anyway, that's the update on Jackman. -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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