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Doug TenNapel's GHOSTOPOLIS is being made with Hugh Jackman at Disney!

Hey folks, Harry here... Good news comes this early Monday morning - it looks like Hugh Jackman is going to be headlining a mysterious new Doug TenNapel work - that we've yet to see. Doug has said that GHOSTOPOLIS is long, but what that means... well we can't be sure of, but it seems to take an inkling of something from POLTERGEIST - where a living child is banished to "the other side" or in this case GHOSTOPOLIS. Hugh plays a man that works for the Supernatural Immigration Task Force. Basically, he busts ghosts that try to haunt our world back to Ghostopolis, which is apparently some spectral city of the ghostly variety. He teams up with a Ghost, that is a former flame, to try and track down and return the boy to the land of the living. Sounds like it has a lot of room for fun. This is TenNapel's first Disney production. He has his other projects in development at Universal, New Regency and Paramount. This sounds very promising, we'll get a clearer look at what this is, once we see Doug's Graphic Novel which is due out later this year! At the very least, that's something to be excited for! The story broke through The Hollywood Reporter by Borys Kit!

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