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Robert Zemeckis utters the "R word." Will we be seeing a Roger Rabbit sequel soon?!?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. There has been talk of a sequel to Roger Rabbit since the first one came out and wowed the old and young alike (making hundreds of millions in the process), but nothing ever materialized. But now MTV was able to grab Robert Zemeckis at a red carpet and he dropped this bomb:

Now, the idea of a Roger Rabbit sequel has me giddy. I was actually recently outbid on a production cell from the original film (thought what better way to spend my tax refund than on a piece of Roger Rabbit history)... Yeah, I'm a huge dork for Roger Rabbit... The only thing that I'll say is this... Please, Mr. Zemeckis... what makes Roger Rabbit work is that he's a 2-D toon in a 3-D human world. I can see you updating it with crazy awesome CGI via performance capture, but unless you have a brilliant idea that can explain why 2-D Roger is now 3-D ultra real Roger you're going to lose a lot of the magic that made the original film work. Those are my two cents, but even that's based on a lot of assumption. We'll see what develops, if anything, on this and hopefully it's everything people like me want to see. Thoughts?

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