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New TRANSFORMERS 2 Trailer leaks early on YouTube - looking cool!

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm incredibly curious about TRANSFORMERS 2. McG's comment yesterday about how he thinks he has a bigger cock than Michael Bay just kinda lined me up in Bay's corner... even though I love all the TERMINATOR SALVATION trailers - I've heard it has a few great action sequences, but isn't all that. But I am hearing much more positive things about the latest TRANSFORMERS film, from the very few folks I know that have seen it. Right from the get go, I can say from the trailers we've seen, the characters seem to be in clearer environments - and I like the international location feel that's happening this time. The Pyramids of Giza scenes, the forrest scenes... the robots really seem to pop and stand out from their backgrounds. Now. Let's see if the Transformers... good and bad... have more character development than in the first film. Anyway - here's the newest trailer. It will most likely be hitting in a very nice Glorious Quicktime soon, but for now - this is the best way to see it. Looks cool...

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