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Crazy Handsome Fan Fic Film Trailer for THE HUNT FOR GOLLUM!

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm not usually one for Fan Fic Films, but every now and again, when I see one that just frickin' looks better than it has any right to.... well, I share with all of y'all. Coming up over the next year or two, we're going to be seeing an onslaught of HOBBIT news. I already have fans writing in to me wanting details - and Guillermo and crew are hard at work on pre-production. Hopefully, they'll be releasing more tidbits as we move forward. Meanwhile, it seems some highly capable fans have created a prequel to THE HOBBIT, which from the below trailer - seems to indicate a quest to find the creature named Gollum, whom it is rumored... That GOLLUM HAS THE ONE TRUE RING!!! These fans couldn't wait to see more Middle Earth adventures and it seems they've made their own. Take a look, personally, I'm curious to see the whole thing now. Thanks goes to the "Tailender" known as Conan_The_Humble for the heads up!

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