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Robert Rodriguez's PREDATORS officially confirmed today!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Yeah, you read that right. PREDATORS. Bloody Disgusting got the scoop back in January, but it is official now. Robert Rodriguez is doing a film called PREDATORS, which he's calling a reboot to the series. I'm hoping it's more reboot and less remake. Anyone remember the Predator script Rodriguez did back in the '90s that never got made? The one that had Dutch scooped up and taken to the PREDATOR homeworld? That was also called PREDATORS, so I wonder how much of that script will be in his reboot. I love the idea of the Predators collecting up various aliens that have defeated a Predator and pitting them against each other for combat's sake. We can't get Dutch 'cause Schwarzenegger's too busy being a respectable citizen now and Danny Glover probably wouldn't work in this aspect, but we can have a good starring role for a new badass. The question remains... how much, if any, of Rodriguez's previous script will make it into this movie, how will he shoot it (real sets or greenscreen) and when will it happen... All good questions. I have reached out to Robert trying to get some answers. We'll see if he responds. I'll let you know! -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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