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Wow... My brain just went berzerker over this Teaser spot for WOLVERINE

Hey folks, Harry here - and what I'm writing here has a bit to do with anger management. I'm friendly with one of the producers on WOLVERINE - but I just saw something that literally pissed me off at a level I wasn't aware this new WOLVERINE film could manage. You see, I know that they've played around with Wolverine's origins... but so has everybody. To me Wolverine's origin isn't sacred stuff. The whole Weapons X thing never really thrilled me. And I've never been a particular fan of Gambit or Deadpool - both of whom I've heard fans of getting angry about this film. Like I said, they're not characters that I particularly care about. But when I went over to Yahoo Movies' Wolverine page to look at a series of new Character TV Spots, my eyes were drawn to the one that said EMMA FROST. As the spot played, I found myself confused. The girl calling herself Emma Frost was blonde like Emma Frost - but in the footage her mutant power seems to be the ability to suddenly look like a human disco ball. I blinked at the spot, downloaded it in 720p and watched it again. Yup, EMMA FROST. The Human Disco Ball. Now, I'm going to assume that they're having her turn into diamonds or something equally shiny. I thought about it. Am I thinking wrong? I thought Emma Frost was a very powerful psychic/telepath/empath that had a fairly sadistic, kinky and manipulative streak a mile long. I think Emma Frost was known as the White Queen and was one of the leaders of the Hellfire Club, a kind of mutant SKULL & BONES society at a rival institution to Xavier's School. But I must have the name wrong. Because I'm relatively sure that surely the people making these movies give perhaps even the vaguest of shits about the material. Surely they Wikipedia'd the character name - read that she was an telepath like Xavier and thought - We can't have another telepath, but let's make her a goddamn human fucking DISCO BALL! I fucking hate FOX for shit like this. EMMA FROST is one of the greatest characters alongside Sebastian Shaw. If the writers, producers, studio cared even a fucking ounce about the characters and the material they would know how fucking stupid turning Emma Frost into the Human Fucking Disco Ball would be. I HATE THIS SHIT! My only hope is that she is never called EMMA FROST in the movie - and that her character has less than 3 minutes on camera - so that the damage will be minimal. No matter what - the fucking TV spot will probably do its damage to our fair White Queen. Do you think Kevin Feige and the team of folks behind MARVEL films - laugh or cry over the ineptitude that is constantly exhibited by the spaz squad at FOX?

Ok - so I just read that apparently at some point in some iteration of the X-MEN - that EMMA FROST developed Diamond skin... Which wasn't the case in the far superior Claremont days of the character - so technically they're not to blame for inventing her DISCO BALL BULLSHIT - but god damn - it is cheesy looking and ridiculous looking. And at the very least is fucked up continuity. Which, of course, they don't give a shit about.

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