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Columbia to make another Dan Brown - Robert Langdon flick... THE LOST SYMBOL...

Hey folks, Harry here with the news that's becoming part of a standard studio release policy for big summer films. Not too long ago we heard that FOX was commencing work on a script for the next WOLVERINE film. Then PARAMOUNT announced that the writers were hitting the typing machines to hammer out the next STAR TREK adventure. And today, Variety announced that the studio has secured the rights and has begun work on adapting the yet to be released 3rd Langdon adventure/mystery novel following after DA VINCI CODE and ANGELS & DEMONS. The novel will his mid-September. At the reporting of this news it is unknown whether Tom Hanks would want to complete a Langdon trilogy... or if Ron Howard is up for it either. Such things will most likely be negotiated after the box office of ANGELS & DEMONS is tallied. We'll have to wait and see. I found the first film a little lacking, but I'm hearing really good things about this new one.

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