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It's Russell Hood! Robin Crowe!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here wrapping up this atypically busy Sunday for movie news. Right before I was headed for bed this popped up on my radar, the first shot of Russell Crowe as ROBIN HOOD in Ridley Scott's flick. USA Today was given the first look and well... yeah, that's certainly Russell Crowe with a bow and arrow...

Looks like Crowe's put on his GLADIATOR haircut and beard for his reteam with Scott. I don't think this image sets the world on fire, but I still think they've gathered a helluva cast for this flick. I trust Scott and I think Crowe is usually great and always at the top of his game when working with Scott. I know it's not the popular opinion, but I actually really enjoyed THE GOOD YEAR. Sue me. What think you?

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