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Encom! Encom! TRON spy pic!

Greetings Programs! Quint here. We got a tip off from a character calling himself Grumpy Gus about some exterior filming on the TRON sequel going on in Vancouver. On the surface it's nothing major, just a building exterior with a crowd gathered around the entrance... but check out the name of the company. I'm gonna fork over the pic and be back with another interesting tidbit.

Encom returns! Grumpy Gus informs us that this is, apparently, a flashback scene taking place in 1989, that involves a media swarm and a large crowd as someone rushes into a limo. Grumpy Gus isn't completely positive, but he thinks it might have been Bruce Boxleitner. He also says there were extras wearing "Flynn Lives" t-shirts! I don't know about you, but my geek juices are already bubbling for this one. This is either going to be the coolest thing in the world or a huge let-down of prequel proportions. End of line.

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