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ScoreKeeper & Laskeshore Records Bring You A Video Interview With CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE Composer Mike Patton (From Faith No More)!

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here with another high-octane addition of the film composer video interview series brought to you courtesy of Lakeshore Records [HERE]). Next up to plate is Mike Patton, of Faith No More, who is making his feature scoring debut with the fuel-injected action epic CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE (2009) opening nationwide today.
Being a newcomer to the scene it’s especially interesting to get a fresh perspective from a new face. Mike has a markedly unique approach to scoring and was successful in pounding a personal stamp onto the CRANK franchise with his unique blend of densely packed techno-rock. The soundtrack for CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE is currently available at both [HERE] and iTunes [HERE]. Enjoy the interview with Mike Patton and I’ll be back in a week or two with another film composer video interview produced exclusively for Ain’t It Cool.


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