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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION and CORRECTION! The Weirdest Casting Rumor of them All.... STAR WARS EPISODE TWO: Anakin

Hey folks Harry here. Just got this report in from Henry Pym (Who you may remember from this story from about 2 weeks ago) Well, he's written specifically to set us straight on the current state of ANAKIN casting. So here ya go...

Harry. What the hell are you thinking? I believe you posted that terrible rumor just to smoke me out about the state of the search for Anakin. The casting is going on and there is an Anakin List at the moment. However, unlike your dear Brendan, nearly all these candidates are all 18-20 years old. The group is made up nearly exclusively of unknown Americans and Canadians. Back in May there was a gigantic Casting Session that took place for several days in the great American SouthWest.

A close female friend of mine, a Janet Van Dyne was on hand and says that 3 of the top possible choices for Anakin have some Independent films that will most likely be getting in to SUNDANCE next January. She wouldn't give me their names or the films' names simply because that is how tight-lipped it is on the film right now. Also, I can assure you that no really famous name that is currently being spoken on websites or newsgroups is even on the Anakin list at the moment they are all minor actors and virtual unknowns; names like Ryan Phillipe, Hayden Christensen, Christian Bale, and Sean Patrick Flanney to name a few. I must return to my ant hill.

Dr Henry Pym

Meanwhile, Mr Bigglesworth was in Halifax looking for a fur coat and found out where the Brendan Fraser rumor came from, here ya go...

Just thought I'd write in and let you know where I believe the Brenden Fraser as Anakin rumour came from and given that, it's probably 100% bogus. I live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (part of greater Halifax) and one of the major city papers is the Halifax Daily News, or just The Daily News, and much of their entertainent news comes from a wire service named WENN. What it stands for, or where it's based I do not know, but the same wire service a few months ago reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to play the in a movie where he becomes the Tooth Fairy and just a week ago or so said that EON was planning to have the next James Bond after Brosnan to be black (apparently one prime candidate was the black actor that appears in the beginning at MI6 headquarters, his names escapes me right now). Any how here's the article they printed just yesterday (THURSDAY):


Forget about it, Leonardo DiCaprio. Sorry, James van der Beek. Ryan Phillipe, to bad.

Canadian actor Brendan Fraser is in line to star in the next Star Wars blockbuster. The Mummy hero has been earmarked to play Anakin Skywalker - the character who turns into the evil Darth Vader, played by 10-year-old Jake Lloyd in the first intstalment of the sci-fi epic.

George Lucas is already in talks with the 32-year-old about plans for the follow-up to The Phantom Menace.

You can call the paper at (902) 468-1222 or email them at

Thanks for reading,

Mr. Bigglesworth

Below here is a rumor that has been disproven completely. SO do not spread it any further...

Sigh. Well Moriarty my friend. I know you are reading this, and I'm truly sorry to upstage your 'weird' rumors of casting and directing, but... I've had 7 people this week tell me this same bit of rumor. And I'm calling it a RUMOR, not fact.. not yet anyway. If true... Well, I don't know. If this is true, then somewhere... somehow, I'd have to think in my noggin that Dudley Do-Right and George Of The Jungle have become Darth Vader... And that just feels... weird. But hey.... At least if it's true I've shared a scene in an upcoming movie with the future Dark Lord of the Sith.... Sigh... Here ya go..

Hey Harry love your site and everything big fan. Never had the urge to write until now. I heard some great bit of gossip about everyone favorite space family. Thats right the Skywalkers and who will it be playing Anakin in Episodes 2 and 3? Not DiCaprio, who by the way I think would have been good, but Brendan Fraser. He has all but signed on. We all know he is a pretty big dude so maybe that explains why Vader is so big.

Just wanted to let you know Harry.

You can call me Cru Jones

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