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Your first glimpse at Pixar's PARTLY CLOUDY short!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Tomorrow at noon - the lucky folks that'll be attending the AICN/FANTASTIC FEST/KIDS CLUB screening of Pixar's UP will also be treated to a new Pixar Animated Short film called PARTLY CLOUDY! I love that Pixar has continued to create delightful and hilarious animated shorts even though their Feature division is the money maker of the company. They do research and development with the technology that they play with via the short films, but they also develop talent for future directing projects and material from within. Exactly as Walt Disney did throughout his run with the company. They sent a full synopsis along with this photo - but frankly - I'll just say this much. PARTLY CLOUDY is about where Storks get the babies that they deliver. In my opinion - nothing further is needed to be known. I can't wait to have this mysterious question answered - and the image below is the perfect tease. Click to make it embiggened!


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