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A Third Season For TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES?? Network Insider To EW’s Mike Ausiello: ‘Consider It Cancelled’!!

I am – Hercules!!
Fox officials are saying we should wait till the netlet’s 2009-2010 schedule is announced May 18, but everybody else is telling Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello that “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been scrapped:
"It's done," maintains a source close to the show. "Everyone has pretty much known for a couple of weeks." Adds a network insider: "Consider it canceled."
"Everyone" does not seem to include series writer-producer Ashley Edward Miller, who twitters, "Time for Ausiello's semi-annual SCC termination report. False again. (Remember 'sets were destroyed' report? Now you know context, people)." Find all of Ausiello’s scoop on the matter here.

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