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Looks like ol Subatoi is gonna be a climbing mountains and getting a bit dynamic and getting outdoors in VERTICAL LIMIT. Quark here sent in the scoop, so all you Bashir fans should rejoice. Most of this has been known, but I haven't really covered anything here thus far. So... here ya go...

Hi. Quark here, I sent info on ST:DS9 about a year or so ago, but then I got busy and quit. Sorry. I had several scoops, but didn't think to pass them on. Now that the series is over, I will be getting info about some cast member projects. For example, Alexander Siddig is co-starring with Chris O'Donnell in VERTICAL LIMIT.

The film is shooting in New Zealand and tells the story of a rescue team climbing K-2 to save O'Donnell's character's sister. Siddig is the leader of the rescue team, although I suspect O'Donnell's character will come from behind to save the day in the end. The cast (including Robin Tunney, Scott Glenn, Nicholas Lea, Bill Paxton) went through a month of training before filming begins August 2. Once filming begins, the production will only be accessible by helicopter. Original plans were to film through February 2000, but apparently things are going swimmingly as it's reported the director (Martin Campbell, THE MASK OF ZORRO) thinks they can finish up by the end of November.

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