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Hey folks, Harry here... I've seen some people asking about the reaction after the film, well approximately 4 seconds after the end credits began - a standing ovation started in the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar - where the real, albeit not official, premiere of STAR TREK was held tonight. The Ovation lasted for 5-6 minutes - until the guests took the stage for a post film chat. After the film, the audience was a collective smile, some crying they were so happy. You have to understand, none of the attendees knew they were seeing this film tonight and the media that was there - were folks that just wanted to see WRATH OF KHAN and 10 minutes of New Trek. And here are the reactions so far.... Trek /FILM has a collection of thoughts on the film from around the web. /Film also put this together from early Twitter reports! The tough critic Rodney Perkins at thought this... This Trek Virgin attended and thought this... Empire Magazine launches in with this one! In this talkback - if you spot other folks talking about the film - POSITIVE or NEGATIVE - provide a link, but only if they've seen it please.

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