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TERMINATOR SALVATION is officially PG13 according to Pizza Hut?!?!

Hey folks, Harry here... Looks like TERMINATOR SALVATION is officially PG13. And while I really would prefer for this franchise to remain in the realm of R-rated badassery - there might actually be a very real reason for this. This is the first TERMINATOR that takes place entirely in the future and is more firmly entrenched in the realm of science fiction as opposed to our reality. Which suddenly gives the MPAA the excuse to say something like INTENSE SCI-FI VIOLENCE. If the MPAA decided this film was so entrenched in an unbelievable universe then they might have given the film a hard PG 13. Especially if you look at the sort of things they're allowing in R films these days... and by that, I mean an intense amount of cock. They could've looked at this film and said... HMPH NO COCK, PG13. Anyway - if you want to see it for yourself - go to Pizza Hut where you can see a Terminator Tie-In page which holds the official rating. What do you folks think about this?

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