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How Many Robots Are In TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN - And Will They Fart??

Merrick here...
We've been hearing fro a while that there would me "more robots" in TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN. In a new interview with Variety, Scott Farrar, FALLEN's lead vfx supervisor, reveals exactly what "more robots" means.
Everyone involved in "Revenge of the Fallen" is keeping the details under wraps, but Farrar says there are some 60 robot characters, and they play in settings around the world. Some, like refineries at night, were chosen to boost the visual drama and show off the scale of the giant 'bots. What's more, this time the Transformers will interact much more with the world around them. Farrar highlights "the splashes and the hits and the fighting on dirt or moving, banging into trees," explaining, "Things splinter and break, they spit, they outgas, they sweat, they snort."
...says Farrar in THIS Variety write-up. "They outgas". Does this mean they fart? Will FALLEN be the first film (or the only film) in history featuring sixty farting robots? Sixty Farting Robots. Might be a good name for a rock group...

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