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The Brain declares today 'International Talk Like William Shatner Day!' - P.S. Happy B-Day Shat!

Hey folks, Harry here... I don't know about you, but I have an eternal love for Maurice LaMarche due to his voice work as THE BRAIN from PINKY AND THE BRAIN. So when I received an email telling me that The Brain was declaring this date "3-22" forever to be INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE WILLIAM SHATNER day... including his expert advice on how to Talk like William Shatner... well... I had to share. Only 192 people had seen his podcast - and that number needs to go up significantly. I mean... on June 4th you can own Kirk's Captain chair for your very own! And here we have one of the great voice talents training you to become Shatner! AND there's a new Star Trek franchise coming out!!! So jump on this wagon before the mainstream world knows about this holiday - Wear a gold tunic today part your hair differently... make out with weird alien chicks cuz... no matter where in this world you are... and especially if you're on the International Space Station... TODAY is forever deemed INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE WILLIAM SHATNER DAY!

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