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Cannes '09 Opens UP!

Beaks here...

Opening night hasn't always gone well for the Cannes Film Festival. Previous selections like BLINDNESS, MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS, THE DA VINCI CODE weren't just disappointments; they were outright disasters. So this year, festival organizers have turned to the studio with the best track record in Hollywood to break their run of opening night blunders. It's no secret that Pixar is rather bullish on Pete Docter's UP. They've been screening a significant chunk of footage from the geriatric adventure yarn at press events and comic conventions for months now. And now they've earned the honor of being the first animated film to ever kick off the Cannes Film Festival. Based on the footage, I can state with supreme confidence that UP is already superior to those aforementioned opening night titles. According to The Hollywood Reporter, festival organizers haven't decided if UP will take a competition slot. Recent animated films to chase the Palme d'Or: PERSEPOLIS, INNOCENCE and the first two SHREK abominations.

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