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Further Information on TRON movies/tv show

Hey folks, Harry here... And this is the latest from my source over at Disney. Seems the two projects are aimed at totally different market areas... One for Television, the other for film. So... from now on, look for the WARRIORS OF TRON news over on Coaxial, while I'll be continuing to dig into this whole Pixar thing. Hmmm...

1) Warriors of Tron is NOT a PIXAR project. They are working separate Tron related project, that (The PIXAR one) is shooting for a theatrical release n 2002.

2) Warriors of Tron is being presented as a made-for-tv Disney Sunday night program...with a series to follow if it is successful.

it has been written with a younger audience in mind, but is DEFINATELY not a Power VR Ranger rip-off. It will find an audience and use computers to tie in with the program (internet bonuses) That all that is being described for now. What "extras" the internet can give is anybody's guess. I would also like to add that the new series is proposing to keep the world of Tron the same as the the name of computer visuals.

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