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Character Designs From Disney's Traditionally Animated PRINCESS AND THE FROG Hop Onto The Internet!!

Merrick here...
Sharky17 sent in some characters from Disney's PRINCESS AND THE FROG - who contextualized them via the following psychotic rambling:
Hello from New York. Just got back from Wondercon in San Francisco. A friend of mine who works in TV in Los Angeles got himself and I some pull and we met some celebs from movies and television, attended some great panels, saw the new trailers, plus it was my 1st time at this convention, I had fun. Before I arrived to wotn, my friend attended a panel on Friday for Princess and the Frog the new Disney movie and spoke to someone there he knew who gave him some press-materials for the movie that had some character images from the 2009 christmas movie, wasn't sure if you already saw these, but thought I would send them to you. We got other bags of swag and things, but nothing else really cool enough to share. If you use this, call me; Sharky17
If I'm not mistaken, PRINCESS AND THE FROG marks the first traditionally animated (i.e. not entirely CGI) feature for Disney since HOME ON THE RANGE, which was...what?...five years ago or so? It's brought to us by the directors of THE LITTLE MERMAID and ALADDIN & features music and stuff by Randy Newman. We've gotten a peek at this film already in the form of the teaser embedded below...
...but it didn't show us as m any characters as we see here.
NOTE: you can...



Naveen & Tiana Enfroggened





Mama Odie

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