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AICN EXCLUSIVE!! Herc’s Read Issue Three Of The Hinty Prequel/Sequel STAR TREK COUNTDOWN -- And Shares Five Pages!!

I am – Hercules!!
Why is Chris Pike’s Enterprise so much cooler than the one we saw in orbit around Talos IV? Why does Chekov seem to outrank Kirk? Why is Spock’s hair that color? What’s with the tattoo-happy Romulan? Much is explained in the highly nuanced, fast-moving and continuity-embracing four-issue IDW funnybook prequel/sequel “Star Trek: Countdown,” scripted by two guys named Mike Johnson & Tim Jones from a story by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who wrote the new “Trek” movie that hits cinemas in less than two months. David Messina is handling the artwork, and I must say I loved that that the hologram of James Kirk in issue two looked a lot more like young William Shatner than young Chris Pine. The next five pages:

Ahead? On page 9 we get our first look at a 25th century device likely to play a key role in the coming movie, set in the 23rd century. On page 10 we are introduced to The Forge, one of the galaxy’s best kept secrets. On page 12 we learn that the Romulans have had encounters with an enemy -- an enemy known to every “Trek” fan but unknown to Kirk -- and that the weapon Nero wields in the movie is the fruit of those encounters. On page 13 we discover the 25th century whereabouts of another familiar face. On page 17 Jean-Luc Picard speaks of Cardassians. And on page 22 one of the most iconic characters in all of Trekdom turns up to issue an ultimatum. Issue three of “Star Trek: Countdown” goes on sale Wednesday. Buy it.

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