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AICN Exclusive! Your first look at the animated GOON movie, produced by David Fincher!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with an update that will drive certain people insane… in a good, frothing at the mouth kind of way. Eric Powell’s THE GOON is a favorite of mine. Along with Robert Kirkman’s THE WALKING DEAD Powell’s book keeps me going back to the comic book store every few weeks. To put it nicely, Powell is a brilliant freak… and I say that with the utmost respect and admiration. It was announced at the last Comic-Con that Powell was developing a feature film based on his creation and that none other than David Fincher was producing. Check out the poster if you missed it from my Comic-Con coverage:

The flick will be animated and below I have your first look at what an animated Goon flick produced by David Fincher looks like. Right this very moment Powell and a ton of Goon fans in Nashville are probably still kicking it at a 10th Anniversary of The Goon party. While they get into all sorts of eye-knifing trouble you get to see the first look anywhere of the in-development animated GOON flick! Make sure you click it for the high res version!

Amazing looking, isn’t it? I love how it is totally Frankie and the Goon translated into three dimensions… sometimes there is something lost in translation, but I’d say that not only do I think this feels like Eric Powell’s creation, but I think this film looks to add more to it, flesh out the world.. I love the filmic quality to the image, I love the balance of cartoon and reality. And I love the detail. Check this out… Another exclusive image (don't forget to click for the super big version!):

And finally, Eric Powell is going to be taking questions from YOU. Email me your questions with KNIFE TO THE EYE!!! as the subject and I’ll pick my favorites to send to Mr. Powell. Ask him about voices, working with Fincher, his rollergirls… anything! I expect those questions to be answered early next week, so hop to it.. -Quint

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