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THE ORACLE reviews the final episode of MST 3000, and DANGER DIABOLIK

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...with a review from THE ORACLE.

The Oracle recently got a look at the final episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. While his comments were originally sent to me in a conversational e-mail, the all-knowing, all-seeing, ever-providing Oracle was kind enough to grant me permission to reprint his comments herein.

THERE MAY BE A FEW SPOILERS IN HIS MESSAGE (if it's possible to "spoil" something like Mystery Science Theater), so if you wanna stay clear-headed while watching the final episode, better turn back now.

Otherwise, here are his thoughts about the closing moments of MST3K:


The Oracle wrote:

Well, the final episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 has been viewed, and - as expected - Best Brains has taken the time to note during the host segments that the show is ending. And this closure is even more shocking and downright terrifying then when they brought closure to the Comedy Central years back in 1996.

At the beginning of the ep, we find out that the Satellite of Love is on a decaying orbit. Actually, it's on a crash course towards Earth. Unfortunately for Mike & the Bots, it's an hour and 50 minutes until they crash, allowing just enough time for Pearl Forrester to force them to watch one more movie - the deliriously dreadful Danger Diabolik, a 60's action flick which tries desperately to cash in on a Bond style of film. Minus plot, character, and any acting talent amongst its leads.

Finally, after Pearl, Brain Guy, and Bobo have moved out of Castle Forrester for greener pastures (Pearl does make sure to disconnect the umbilicus before departing), the SOL crashes violently on Earth with a complete white out. As the picture comes back, we find Mike & the Bots have taken residence in a modest one bedroom, 1/2 bath home.

As they revel in their freedom, they sit down with snacks (rice) and drinks in hand to watch a little TV. When the matinee movie, The Crawling Eye, comes on.

It seems freedom is just a state of mind, as they begin riffing on the tableau before them which, fittingly enough, was the first film that MST did when it began on the old Comedy Channel.

---> Oracle out!


Glen again...

Mystery Science Theater 3000 concludes August 8. A "Reader reaction" Talkback will be opened for its final episode...

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