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AICN presents Sylvester Stallone hitting it hard for THE EXPENDABLES!

Hey folks, Harry here... On my way to the Texas Filmmaker's Hall of Fame today, I got a call from Stallone. He was giddy I tell ya. A real good mood. He's excited about Stone Cold Steve Austin being set as a baddie that's gonna beat the living hell out of Sly! He's also got John Herzfeld recording all the psychotic lunacy that's going into the making of this gargantuan monstrosity that's being spilled out of Stallone's noodle! While playing around with a bit of work out footage of Stallone hitting it real hard with weights - he decided that his buddies in Talkback deserved a look at how Stallone was getting chiseled. So, without further ado, here's the man sweating and glistening... WARNING...this a quicktime file. MicroSoft users will likely have problems if Quicktime is not installed.


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