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It’s Pilot Season And George Lucas Has Begun Casting His Live-Action STAR WARS Series!!

I am – Hercules!! “A lot of my friends have been auditioning for it,” “Damages” star Rose Byrne told MTV during the “Knowing” junket. “It” is George Lucas’ looming live-action “Star Wars” TV series, set between “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope.” According to MTV’s story, the series will focus on the rise of the rebel alliance. Byrne, you’ll recall, replaced Keira Knightly in the Amidala entourage in “Attack of the Clones.” So which newly available actors and actresses should Lucas be looking at? Some the dead and soon to be dead girls from “Lost”? One suspects a good chunk of the casts of “Friday Night Lights,” “Life,” “Knight Rider,” and “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” could soon be available. Adrianne Palicki as Han’s snotty older sister? Selma Blair as a Wookie slaver? James Spader as the harried mayor of Coruscant City? Find all of MTV’s story on the matter here.

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