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Another Reader Claps For THE WOLF MAN!

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At this point, after all of the pre-production turmoil, I'm just relieved that we're not getting intensely negative reviews of THE WOLF MAN. It's never a good thing when you're forced to switch directors right before principal photography; also, the draft of the script I read last year needed a good deal of work. But I believe in Joe Johnston. I'm a huge fan of THE ROCKETEER and OCTOBER SKY. And, to be honest, I'd rather watch JURASSIC PARK III again than either of the previous installments in that series. The below reviewer isn't 100% on THE WOLF MAN, but November 6th is a long way off. There's time to address pacing issues. Right now, it's encouraging that everyone's raving over the reappearance of (my favorite) classic monster.
Hey guys i just saw the Wolfman movie at a screening in Albuquerque and i thought i would give a quick review for you guys. Review: So the movie is set a few years after jack the ripper. We have Benny boy traveling home to England after his brothers gory death at the hands of a wolfman. He arrives at his fathers estate which has a very haunted house feel to it. His father played by Hopkins is a recluse with stains on his beard around his mouth.Its amazingly distracting at times. He also has a man servant who looks like captain nemo from league of extraordinary gentleman. We come to learn that Benny boy is a famous stage actor from the good old U.S. this has nothing to do with the rest of the movie but it is brought up several times.He does have visions of his mothers suicide but he never seems tormented by it. He fucking seems as though he is recalling his first bike and not the brutal death of his mother. So the plot is razor thin, he just tries to find who or what killed his brother, some drama scenes between his brothers widow are scattered about with some really fun wolfman scenes every now and than. The makeup is top notch but the fight scenes are lame. Especially the final between two wolfmen. Overall it isn't a bad movie there is lots of campy fun to be had when the wolfman is doing his thing. In fact i was kinda shocked with how much fucking gore there was. There is claws through the jaws, arms and legs ripped off, decapitation and straight up eating of human flesh. I have only two major gripes with the film. One is the scenes where he is in a mental institution. its just random and takes the movie for a really fucking weird turn. There is an OK payoff i guess but what it takes to get there is drawn out and boring. Second is the character played by Hugo Weaving. The part is pitch perfect for Weaving. He plays a detective sent in to investigate the killings in the village. He was the lead detective on the ripper case and has a sense of bitterness to him. The problem i have is that his character is not developed and he really serves no real purpose. Let me be clear the wolfman looks good and the effects are top notch even the cg deer looks great. They went so far as too let the wolfman loose that they had him kill random groups of people in groups, he just fucks up everything. That is what makes the movie watchable. So i guess they made a good decision to let the wolfman cut loose in London. One really great scene has him murdering everyone in a steam trolley car. So they said before the movie started that this is not the finished film and to keep that in mind. Overall there is some fun to be had. When the wolfman shows up everything is perfect fun, whens he not around you could almost fall asleep. If you use this call me Devils Lettuce

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