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"Squirrel!" New UP Trailer Introduces You To Dug, The Talking Dog!

Beaks here...

It was only a matter of time before Pixar owned up to the happy fact that, yes, there are talking dogs in their geriatric adventure flick, UP. I was hoping they could keep this a secret until the May 29 release of the film, but the studio probably needed a more enticing hook than "old man travels by house to exotic locale with overeager 'wilderness explorer'". So talking dogs it is! Since last December's BNAT, director Pete Docter has been proudly showing an extensive amount of footage from UP to journalists and convention crowds, and the reactions have ranged from "pleased" to "ecstatic". The emphasis in the below trailer (HD links available at Yahoo! Movies) is on adventure and comedy, but, as anyone who's seen Docter's presentation knows, Carl's journey is tinged with regret. It'll be interesting to see if they can resolve this sorrow at the end of the adventure without copping out a little. But for now, let's concentrate on talking dogs and a big, rambunctious bird named Kevin! And biplanes! And a giant airship! This looks absolutely sublime.

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